Welcome to Narrowgate the home of creative prints and beautifully hand crafted clothing.



  We consider ourselves to artisans and take great pride and pleasure in designing men's and women's wear.




Sometimes our prints are bold, bright and vibrant stealing the limelight.

Other times our prints are subtle, gentle and elegantly understated.






We produce clothes that have built in enduring style and function. Our ranges come in various

sizes, with choices in garment lengths and sleeve lengths. We love what we do and this is

reflected in the way that we produce our garments and the time

that it takes to make excellent clothing.




Jon and Manjit Allen at Christian Fashion Week, Tampa, Florida USA 2014


Narrowgate Limited was formed as a company on 6 February 2013 by Manjit. Six months later

Jon asked Manjit to marry him and they tied the knot, in August 2013. Jon and Manjit came

home from their honeymoon to an unexpected email. 


Christian Fashion Week had invited us to showcase a collection at their event, in

Tampa Florida, USA. It just so happens that Jon is a product and fine furniture designer

and with Manjit as a product and fashion designer the decision was made to produce

Narrowgate's first collection and attend the fashion show in Tampa. Narrowgate was formarly

introduced to the world at Christian Fashion Show, Tampa February 2014.





We at Narrowgate want to keep traditional skills alive, as well as developing new ways of

producing garments, that reflects the energy that has gone into making them.

We want to share our skills and pass on the gifts that we have been blessed with.


We have in the past taken part in outreach programes helping people in various ways, by

teaching how to sew a man's dress shirt and demonstrate the skill involved in making shirts

and other garments. Helping individuals with starting their own little businesses, we are currently

helping a christian organisation by assisting as advisors and helping in the development

of their mission project.


Blessings from Jon and Manjit Allen



The home of fine clothing.